What makes your body super happy?


What totally lights you up, excites you and brings you joy?


What would you like to see in the world and in your life?




Having and owning your presence and peace with you, your body, your business, your relationship is king. 

When you allow yourself to be and have that space for you anything can change and anything can get created. 

That is something that I have dedicated myself to. Being a possibility and showing that there are always different possibilities available. 




I am coming from highly service driven economic business areas and I always had the ability to create massive ease and growth for businesses. 

While for me I was always looking at: what is next, what else, what more... 

Self-Development always was and still is key for me every day. It is like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. 

Going beyond making yourself wrong and actually seeing your strengths, power, beauty and the gift you be is so required on this planet. 

The tools of Access Consciousness have changed my life, my body, my business and my world. And I mostly facilitate with these tools and also bringing in everything that contributed to me and that I learnt throughout my life. 

Wishing you a phenomenal day, Eva 



"Working with Eva is a real pleasure! She is valued for her leadership qualities, has a sense of opportunity and is very quick in implementing things."

Susanna Mittermaier

"Eva has been in charge of the appearances in the social media and our homepage for our ordination for many years with very good feedback and great success."

Dr. Helmut Vockner

All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory.

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